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    The mTFkb (mouse Transcription Factor knowledgebase) is a dedicated database for fundamental annotation of mouse transcription factors (TFs). Here we collect the RNA-seq data from more than 30 mouse tissues and analyze the expression patterns of ~1600 mouse TFs. We categorize the overall expression and examine the tissue-specific expression landscape to infer key TFs; in addition, we observe the divergent transcription signals for many TFs which may suggest novel functional mechanisms to be investigated. Furthermore, we provide various annotations including protein-protein interactions, co-expression pattern with all the other TFs, Gene Ontology (GO), regulatory pathways/targets, etc. Altogether mTFkb aims to serve as a useful resource for facilitating TF studies in mouse.


When referencing, please cite "Sun K, Wang H and Sun H: mTFkb: a knowledgebase for fundamental annotation of mouse transcription factors. Sci Rep. 2017 Jun 8; 7(1):3022." PubMed Full text

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