IMPORTANT NOTE: Click here to see an example that from running lncFunTK on a data from mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs). You can also download the data here.

Genome version:

mm9 mm10 hg19 hg38  * 

Newly assembled long noncoding RNAs:

Newly assembled long noncoding RNAs in GTF format (example). If this input is empty, long noncoding RNAs in RefSeq will be used as input.


Expressed microRNA list:

Expressed microRNAs in your biological system (example).


Gene expression matrix from RNA-seq:

Gene expression matrix from RNA-seq data analysis (>3 samples/stages). Start from the second column, each column represents a gene expression profile from one stage (example).


Transcription Factor (TF) binding peaks from ChIP-seq:

TF binding peaks should be in BED format and lncFunTK requires >3 TFs binding profiles (example).

Add TFs

Ago2 binding peaks from CLIP-seq:

AGO2 CLIP-seq binding peaks in BED format (example).


Job id:  * (Example: mESCs)