Yin Yang 1 (YY1),

a ubiquitously expressed transcription factor, plays important roles in many biologic processes such as embryogenesis, differentiation, replication, and cellular proliferation by activating or repressing its target genes via cofactor interaction. Many studies demonstrated that disruption of YY1 involved molecular pathways contributes to various human diseases, pointing to YY1 as potential diagnostic and prognostic markers as well as therapeutic targets.

YY1TargetDB is a centralized database for organizing YY1 target information. This database collects YY1 binding loci from high-throughput experiments (ChIP-Seq or ChIP-on-chip) in cell lines from human and mouse and computationally predicted YY1 and cofactor binding motifs with each locus. The current version contains YY1 binding loci corresponding to associated genes; genes may be directly regulated by YY1. A total of YY binding motifs were predicted and transcription factors were identified as potential YY1 cofactors. It also contains experimentally verified YY1 binding motifs corresponding to target genes.