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The Online Diagnosis System

Set JOB ID   Optional
  e.g. Patient.20131005, XK.Case189
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  e.g. CASR, NM_000388, ENST00000296154
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Important notes

  1. Only ABI files (.abi or .ab1) are acceptable for uploading;
  2. We highly recommend you provide the "Target Gene" to get the most of our data visualization support;
  3. For more information about ODS (job submission and result explanation), see the manual here;
  4. Click here to see the examples we provided on real clinical data.


When referencing, please cite "Sun et al.: Online Diagnosis System: a webserver for analysis of Sanger sequencing-based genetic testing data. Methods 2014, 69(3):230-236." PubMed   Full Paper

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