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Welcome to NAMS!

NAMS (Noncoding Assessment of long RNAs in Magnoliophyta Species) is a coding/noncoding classifier specifically designed for plant species. NAMS combines the ORF (Open Reading Frame) and homologue information to predict the coding potential of long plant RNA transcripts. NAMS had been comprehensively tested on various sources of plant RNAs and showed high accuracy.

We provide both a stand-alone package and a webserver for NAMS. For the webserver, we not only predict the coding potential of your transcript but also provide additional fundamental annotations to assist functional predictions of your transcript: for coding transcripts, we further show you the homologues in UniProt database, while for noncoding transcripts, we predict their 2D structure using RNAfold software.

Please refer to the download page to download stand-alone package of NAMS.
Please go to the webserver to use our webserver.
For usage of the webserver and the stand-alone package, please go to the Walkthrough Example page.


When referencing, please cite "Sun et al.: NAMS webserver: coding potential assessment and functional annotation of plant trasncripts. Brief Bioinform. in press"  

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