NAMS: Noncoding Assessment of long RNAs in Magnoliophyta Species

  NAMS is free for academic, nonprofit, and personal use under the
  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
However, a license is required for commercial usage. Please contact the author for more inquires.

Download package

Click here to download the latest release of NAMS (v1.0, Dec 2016; for GNU/Linux x86_64 platform).

The package contains programs, libraries as well as testing dataset.

How to run NAMS

A shell script is provided to run NAMS on the testing dataset:

    user@linux$ ./run.example.sh

This command will run NAMS on two testing data from The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR).
For more information please refer to README file in the package.


When referencing, please cite "Sablok G, Sun K, Sun H (2019) NAMS: Long Noncoding RNA Assessment in
Magnoliophyta Species. Methods Mol Biol. in press."


For more inquiries, please contact the authors.

Last update: Dec 10, 2018